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SAFO - Safety Fog

SAFO® Fog Generator
No external power supply!
Ready for use in any position – Mobile

SAFO® is an independent device for generating security fog.

It is ready for use in any position and can be easily installed e.g. on portable containers, on walls and ceilings of various rooms, as well as suitable for easy mounting in safes or ATMs. The device is compatible, can be connected to existing alarm systems, or can be activated by remote control (optional) via radio.

SAFO® with microdots. Thousands of microdots with a unique code are added to the security fog. They are carried and dispersed with the emitting fog and remains on the skin, hair, clothes of the perpetrator and everything that comes into contact with the fog.

By the fact that the code is easily readable through a pocket microscope the use of SAFO® is detectable and can be traced back to the specific criminal act.

Main Features

Small dimensions and weight

Standalone device ready for use

Independent of power supply, as no external energy is required

No electricity costs

Compatible - can be connected to alarm systems

No health hazard - fog consists of water and propylene glycol (approved food additive)

No risk of injury

Adjustable smoke screening time - the available amount of fog can be emitted
in a short (from 30 sec on) or over a long period of time (to 300 sec).

Applicable from -20°C to +60°C

Can be used as replacement for pyrotechnic smoke generators (smoke units)

Optional, device can be activated by wireless remote control or wireless alarm system

Optional, combinable with microdots, for unique identification of evidence recovered,
without chemical analysis by means of a pocket microscope

SAFO® is ready for use over a period of 3 years, maintenance free without power consumption.




 Several short bursts with pauses in between are also possible.

SAFO® - applications
e.g. Cash in Transit, ATM security, showcase security, vehicle safety, burglary into private and business premises and storage rooms, container safety on construction sites, petrol stations, jeweller, pharmacy etc.

Please ask for modifications for your special application




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