Ensures that rear doors are kept closed

Simple to install and effective security system to monitor open doors.

Countdown display and alarm sounder prevent possibly unauthorized accesses through third persons by keeping the door unintended open to long.

DoorGuard reduces the risk of robbery, should e.g. potential offenders enter through open back doors and hide, waiting for a suitable moment to conduct a theft or robbery.

DoorGuard support employees to work with locked doors for their own safety, whilst complying with Fire Regulations.

Specially designed for protection of e.g.:



Storage facilities





Staff entrances for financial institutions (see also DoorGuard-S)

DoorGuard can be used everywhere where doors should be kept closed.


The alarm sounder activates if the door is not closed within 10 seconds, simply to remind to close the door. Longer opening (e.g. in the event of deliveries) can be facilitated via a momentary switch. An opening time of 5-15 minutes can be selected. The LED display shows the “time remaining”.

DoorGuard is powered via AC adapter and sounds an alarm in the event of sabotage, power failure, etc.

DoorGuard emits two short beeps when the door opens and a succession of LEDs indicate the time countdown. The alarm can only be reset by closing the door.

Main Features

Ensures that rear doors are kept closed

Alarm sounds when door is open for more than 10 seconds

Time extension button for deliveries (5-15 minutes)

LED display shows „time remaining“

Tamper and power failure outputs

Connectable to external sounder or alarm panel

Magnetic door contact with connecting cable

Power supply 12V DC (incl.)

Installation kit with manual

Wiring diagram





Scope of delivery


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