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LSD - Light Sensitive Data Logger Overview 

Readable monitoring system with results recorded.

Whether in a hospital medicine cabinet, network cabinet in a company, chemical cabinet in the pharmacy, in the weapon closet or safe, the LSD provides easy and at low cost high protective potential.

Even in cold storage areas it protects the stored goods.

The opening and closing of doors is recorded and can be read by using a special software.


The LSD monitors changes in lightness, movements, sounds and temperature with the help of sensors.

These are evaluated by means of microcontrollers and are listed in an event protocol.

How can the property be protected against unauthorized access?

Depending on the configuration oft he device, an acoustic alarm or a message can be send to an external monitoring system.

In addition the possibility exists to ignite e.g. a smoke cartridge.

Main Features

Los cost investment

Easy handling

No maintenance, low running costs (Change of battery, or if used smoke cartridge)

Comprehensive event protocols

Always retrofittable and upgradable

No installation required

LSD - Light Sensitive Data Logger Applications

Access control gun cabinets

Every opening and closing will be protocolary recorded.
So you always have an overview about access to the gun cabinet and how long the door was open.

Access and climate control network cabinets

You have an anti-virus program to protect your network from the outside, but what is about unauthorized access to the data cabinet?
The LSD captures every opening and closing of the door protocolary and gives you an overview of when and how long the cabinet has been opened.
Computer components are highly sensitive and heat-sensitive. Especially during summer months in poorly ventilated computer cabinets and uncooled spaces can lead to a failure of the networks.
The LSD gives a warning in time when the temperature becomes too high in data cabinet, to avoid a possible datacrash.

Access control safe

The LSD datalogger not only monitors the opening and closing of the safe but also vibrations e.g., by a hammer drill, movement by a removal, noise by blowing up, or temperature e.g. by welding equipment.
Beside issuing a log file triggering of a smoke cartridge can make your securities and shares unrecognizable.
Furthermore, an alarm message can be send to an alarm system.

Access control medicine closet

Especially in the medical field it must be comprehensible when medical devices were handed out to avoid misuse.
The LSD monitors every opening and closing of the door protocolary and gives you an overview of when and how long the cabinet has been opened.

Climate control cold store

In the retail and hospitality industry it is important that perishable goods are stored properly. This is only possible when certain environmental conditions are met.
Also in this segment LSD can send an alarm in time when the cooling temperature deviates from the preset tolerance range.

LSD is customizable and can of course be used for other purposes.

LSD Tools

The user-friendly software for configuring and reading the LSD

Communication between PC and device via the LSD Tool

Simple connection between the device and the USB port of the PC
Configuration of monitoring media and alarm functions
Create a log file and clear the memory with one click

Adjustable monitoring media



Temperature rise

Temperature range



External alarm input































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