Protection of Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) and safes
Smoke & Dye system for protection of ATMs and safes


For perpetrators it often takes only a few minutes to rip out and take away ATMs/safes, as well as to get to the cash boxes or content of the safe by mechanical attempts to open them.

EBS II prevents respectively significantly hampers the perpetrator to remove of further disrupt ATM/safe by siren noise and subsequently emitting dyeing smoke or security fog.

The related attention of passers-by respectively residents destroys respectively reduces the logistical advantage of offenders towards the investigators.

Siren noise attracts the attention of witnesses

Dyeing smoke or security fog attracts the attention of passers-by respectively residents

Massive emitting smoke or fog hampers the loading, transporting and further actions

Preventive effect by media reports of unsuccessful raids and arrested offenders

Preventive and deterrent effect in combination with stickers

Acts immediately and effectively



with Smoke

or Security Fog







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EAP Alarmpaket 

Extrtémne miniatúrny flexibilný farbiaci systém.
Jediným vysielačom riadený systém pre použitie v pokladniach a trezoroch

Použutie v bankách, poštách, maloobchode, čerpacích staniciach
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Cash Management a bezpečný úschovný systém.
Trezor, ktorý počíta.
Počíta, triedi a bezpečne uchováva bankovky.
100% detekcia falzifikátov (správy ECB a Bank of England).

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